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is a successful international company offering proven business solutions for the betting and gaming industry. Our exciting products help deliver optimum results and are guaranteed to increase the overall efficiency of your business.
The solutions
we offer can be grouped into seven categories representing the seven key elements for any successful bookmaking business
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We offer ready-made solutions designed to help your business grow and become more efficient including:
1. A wide selection of betting products;
2. Customization and localization of betting products;
3. Around-the-clock technical support;
4. Fully developed promotions and special offers;
5. Promotional, advertising and presentation packages;
6. Training programs for different betting products;
7. Integration of betting products into your platform/website.
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We offer a vast range of sportsbook packages through our partners. Among the many benefits from working with us are:
1. Betting on 40+ sports;
2. Pre-match betting on 40,000+ events monthly;
3. Live betting on 15,000+ events;
4. Live streaming of matches and other sporting events;
5. 24/7 technical support;
6. Product localization;
7. Promo and special offers built into our products.
Greenbet sport
Sports betting with GREENBET. Wide selection of events, built-in promotions, extensive opportunities for cross-promotion between products, localization, customization and much more.
We offer solutions for land-based and online operators.
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What GREENBET brings to your business:
1. Betting on 25+ virtual games;
2. Different software packages for managers, administrators, cashiers, and for operating Live monitors;
3. Self-service betting terminals for your customers;
4. Technical support;
5. Easy integration;
6. Different language and currency options;
7. Events with quick outcomes.
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We boast extensive capabilities for integrating betting products, for both offline and online operations*
For land-based operators, we offer:
Incorporation of new events in the existing betting product line;
Integration of your own logo on loading screens, live streams, bet slips and receipts;
Use of your own logo in the product interface;
Customization of settings and features according to your personal requirements.
For websites, we offer:
Integration of the "Seamless wallet" feature;
Incorporation of betting products into your website design.
Help with integration and ongoing technical support.
* available for GREENBET and 3rd party products
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1. Help and consultations while integrating and using the products;
2. Around-the-clock handling of requests: 24/7 and 365 days of the year;
3. Rapid response to queries;
4. The implementation of additional features in our products on request*;
5. Consultations for B2B and B2C clients.
* additional features are available for GREENBET product
1. Training packages for betting shop staff (video tutorials and booklets);
2. Training packages on individual betting products (video tutorials and booklets);
Detailed training materials are supplied with the purchase of betting products.
3. Training programs about the bookmaking industry;
4. A training course about launching a bookmaking business;
5. Individual consultations for betting shops;
6. Betting shop staff performance appraisals;
7. Bespoke training programs on request, focused on your individual business needs.
1. Our experts have over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry;
2. We have launched and managed a number of successful betting clubs;
3. We have a talented in-house team of IT developers and traders;
4. Our client base includes several thousand betting shops and clubs;
5. We partner with over 15 suppliers, offering bookmaking business solutions;
6. We operate in over 15 countries;
7. We have a comprehensive system of operational standards.